Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

Recent surveys by the National Association of Home Builders reveal that kitchens continue to be the "king of home projects". The survey says that kitchens are the most important aspect of marketing and selling a home. 82% of participants agreed with that logic. Making kitchen remodeling, in both Durham and Chapel Hill, important to the appeal and value of a house.

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Here are some points to consider:

- Take into account the "use factor" of a kitchen remodel. In addition to the enhanced marketability, you get some years of value and use-factor in the years before it is time to sell.

- About 30% of new-home builders say that they are increasing the size of their kitchens. Consequently, a valuable aspect of a kitchen remodel is to do things that make the area feel bigger. This keeps you current with the expectations of buyers.

- Cabinets, counter tops, and appliances are the primary visual features of a good kitchen. 

- Other important features in today's kitchens include: islands, 42 inch upper cabinets, pantries, pull out storage trays, trash-can pullouts, and large food-prep areas. 

If you're considering adding a kitchen remodel to the value of your house, we're here to discuss your kitchen remodel needs in the Durham, Chapel Hill, West Raleigh, Cary, and Hillsborough areas. 

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